Comic Con 2016

As you all may know my husband and I love going to comic con. This year was no exception.
Shaun , one of our mates and I attended Oz cominc con at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition
Centre which is located at 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006.
This year there was 3 exhibitions happening at the same time and the venue was packed.
We meet a few celebrities such as:
Robert Patrick who is currently in ine of my favorite tv shows Scorpion.
John Barrowman from Arrow
Eliza Taylor from The 100
Dan Ewing from Home and Away, and his new movie Red Billabong whis is coming out in August  
Comic con is not just about celebrities, there are gaming tornaments and fashion shows too.
This year was my 3rd year attending I really enjoy the different range of people and the different interests all getting along and enjoying a great event.
Let me know if you have ever been  to any Comic Con’s around the world.
I am hoping to go next year to America to visit a few over there.

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