Beauty Haul

Hey guys,
So went to get my eyebrows threaded and came home with a heap of beauty stuff.
From chemist warehouse i picked up a Maybelline color drama pack with 3 intense velevet lip colours.
From a small stall in the middle to the shopping center i picked up 2 vegan makeup brushes  a angled eye liner brush and a buffing brush.
NYX has recently come to Target and i have had a look at a few stores and most of the time there is nothing left as it has all been sold out. Yesterday i picked up a Dark Circle concealer correcter in shade DCC04 DEEP. I will be trying it out tonight.
I finally also found Aedell individual lashes at Priceline. Which i will also be trying on myself tonight.( i have used them in class on my models but never on myself)
I can never walk past Myers without going to the benefit counter. 
I have most of there products already but i ended us getting an instant brow pencil in shade medium and eye bright  to brighten my water line.
In the way to mecca i also stopped at lush. I picked up there new shampoo Jersey Bounce this is made from eggs,linseed and sea salt. This shampoo is to gave your hair more bounce.
I tried it last night my hair done look much thicker.
And last but not least i went to Mecca where i controlled myself and just bought some Bumble and bumble BB thickening hairspray. As my old travel one has run out and i will be going interstate next month and needed some.
All products are in the image below.
Sahha Danni

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