Our last adventure with my Relatives was a trip down the Great Ocen Road to Torquay.
This trip started on a Friday night so i had to rush home from work. It was crazy.
I was lucky enough not to drive so i had a nap in the back of mum sisters car.
The Air BnB we stayed at was a street away from the beach which would be great in summer but not in Autumn. The house was freezing. (Doesn’t help that im always cold).
Saturday morning we woke up bright and early so we could drive up the great ocean road.
The Great Ocean Road is such an amazing drive many twists and turns and the view is breath taking.

We Drove all the way to Apollo Bay. Apollo Bay is a great coastal town as a child I went there a few times and always had fond memories of running around on the beach and the caravan park.
We had lunch at the Apollo Bay Bakery 
125 Great Ocean Road
Apollo Bay VIC 3233 Australia Phone 5237 6440
They had a large range of Pie’s and Pasties and also cakes.
I had a Veggie Pasty. It was absolutely amazing. The rest of the family had pies and they all love them too.
After walking around for a while we slowly made our was back to torquay where we bought some Pizza and Mexican for dinner.
The next morning we packed up the house and headed home the long way.  
We stopped off at “Bells” beach which is known for its surfing competitions. It was a bit drizzly but it was nice to see. 
The Otway fly tree top adventure was a great place to stop and experience the Australian rain forest. Located 360 Philips track, beech forest, Victoria.
I am scared of heights which is not a good thing in this place as you are walking meters above the trees. But a walked along the bridges and enjoyed the view. 
The rain forest was just breath taking. I had never seen such beauty. 
It was a great mini weekend away that my relos and i will always remember. 
Sahha Danni
Maybe you can suggest some great places to have a mini weekend away in melbourne! 
Let me know in the comments. 

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