Great stories 2

Hello and Happy New Year everyone!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and a safe New Year.

This year I am planning to do book reviews as I am wanting to read more.

Well not exactly read lol, I am obsessed with Audible ( Link Below) ( Not Sponsored)
I love listening to the books while I am driving to and from work (I have at least an hour each way)
I just finished listening to “The Alice Network by Kate Quinn” this book is set in 1947 where a young American girl “Charlie” on desperate journey find out where her cousin is after the war.
This adventure leads her Eve who has lived a very interesting life as a spy in the Alice Network.
The story bounces from Charles search and Eve spy stories. I found it very interesting. It keeps you engaged till the very end.
Let me know if you have read “The Alice Network” and your thoughts.
PS: If you have any suggestions on what I could call my book series please comment below.

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