Great Books Entry 1

Hello everyone,
So I have been MIA for a while but I’m back and can’t wait to write some more.
Today I want to let you know about a book that I have listened to via Audible ( this is not sponsored in anyway) I recently got Audible so I can listen to it in the car on the way to work as I have an hour drive each way every day.

I have found it very good and the app has a car mode which is great. I have my phone attached to my hands free and I can hear it through my radio.

So the book that I recently finished is “American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures” By America Ferrera.
Image result for American like me

This book is a collection of essays writing by well know people such as actors, comedians, athletes, politicians, artists, and writers.
Each chapter is a glimpse into how the essay writer or their families migrated to America, and the struggles they faced in their new lives.
I found the stories very interesting and sad at times on how people were treated.
I highly recommend you read or listen to this book.

Let me know if you have read it and your thoughts.

Saħħa Danni

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