Short trip to Canberra

A week ago I was sent to Canberra for a short business trip where I went to one of our sites to meet some of the employees.
There were no flights out of Canberra to Melbourne till Sunday so I decided to make it into a short weekend vacation.
I have a few family members that live there so i decided to go visit them.
Canberra is a very quite place and everything is about 15 to 20 minutes away.
I was a little excited to see the Parliament house as I drove out of the airport. Not that i care about politics but just to see it.
After finishing my work meetings I headed to Canberra Center where i had a quick look in target for some NYX make up. I found out later that that was the CBD of Canberra. No building was higher then 8 floors and parking was not hard at all. 
Later on that night my cousin and her husband took me out to a delicious dumpling house in the CBD called CBD Dumpling house.

On Saturday we drove to the crapes cafe in Westfield Belconnen, Benjamin Way, Belconnen ACT 2617
 I had rocky road crapes they were fillled with nutella, coconut shavings, strawberries and marshmallows all rapped in a chocolate crape. It was so nice and rich. 
After we went to the Australian War Memorial. This place was really big and filled with items from the war such as uniforms and weapons.
Many black and white photos of man and women hung on the wall but the ones that stuck out the most to me were the ones in colour. These are of people that only a few years older then me fighting in wars that are happening today. These service people are fighting for us now to keeps us safe. 
I would love to say thank you to any service person that has fought for us now or in the past “Thanks for keeping us safe”.


Saturday night off we went to the Hellenic club  located in Maltilda Street Woden for dinner with my extended family. It was so fun meeting more of my family. 
Unfortunately Sunday i had an early flight and didn’t get to do much but the drive back to the airport takes you past some nice places. 
Thanks to my family for letting me stay and Thanks Canberra for a nice weekend. 
Sahha Danni 

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