The body shop winter rescue Vip night

A friend invited me to attend a VIP night at The Body Shop at the Highpoint store, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

There were 3 different stations with different treatments set up.
The first was body care where we tried out the Spa of the world collection.
We tried a few different items which where:
Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath which is a power that you put in the bath. The water become soft and silky once this is in there.

Then we tried the African Ximenia Scrub this is a gentle exfoliates scrub.

We also used the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay which felt cooling to the skin when applied and removes impurities and toxins from your body.

And last at this station we used Polynesian Monoi Rediance oil to moisturise soften skin.

Second Station:
The second station was all about diagnosing my skin and what I need to keep it clean and beautiful.

With a PH test on my cheek and forehead and some general questions we came to the conclusion that my skin is a combination of oily and dry.

The Consultant recommended I use a Seaweed Deep Cleansing Gel Wash  applied with a Facial Buffer in the shower and then apply a thin layer of Oils of life revitalising gel cream.

The third and final station:

This station was a facial station where we sat and enjoyed a beautiful facial with products that suite our skin type with a nice glass of Champaign

After all the pampering we had Sushi and Champaign. The Ladies at the Highpoint store were great all very helpful.
Sahha All

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