Dessert – Maha.

Hi guys

So I’m the type of person that judges a restaurant by the desserts on the menu!
Not sure if that’s a good thing or not but it works for me!

Last week a friend and I went to Maha one of my favorite places for dessert, it is located at 21 Bond St in the city. (Melbourne) it is owned by Shane Delia who has had mini series on SBS.

The waiting staff are always lovely to deal with and willing to explain all the different items on the menu. 

The restaurant is decorated with glass vases from Malta’s Mdina glass ( it is all hand crafted). 

Maha is a Middle Eastern restaurant and has a great vibe, we sat in the outdoor area which is not really outside but it is not in the main restaurant part. This room is full of lovely middle eastern pillows and a long couch the runs around the wall. The lights are dim and it’s a great place to have a nice cup of tea or a wine and some yummy desserts. 

We ordered the a tasting plate which included, Turkish delight filled doughnuts, honey, roast walnut ice cream toasted marshmallow rice pudding, chocolate, pekmez preserved lemon and yoghurt parfait, spiced pear and quince, rosemary fig ice cream. It was to die for. 

After devouring all of that we still needed ( LOL ) more of the Turkish delight filled doughnuts. 

Maha is a get place to experience middle eastern food with a modern twist. 

Hope you enjoyed my mini review. 

Please let me know if you have any suggestion of restaurants with great desserts in Melbourne that are worth a visit.
Sahha (Bye in Maltese) 

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