Sun Theater

Hi all,
Last week a friend and I went to watch Sex Tape at the “Sun Theater” in Yarraville. I have admit it was my first time at the sun theater and I loved it. The cinema is decked out with really soft and comfortable sofas it felt like home!
This theater opened in 1938 and had one cinema that seated 1050 . It was very popular in it’s time and is still running strong today. 
They have a range of snacks available in the candy bar and also wine. They have a range of choc-tops also they are not your typical flavors such as Pina Colada.
As well as being a theater they also have a book shop attached that sell novels and books that are turned into movies.
Yarraville is a great place for a date night there are heaps of great places to eat from all around the world, heaps of little boutiques and also some great bars. Acquai e vino is one of my favorite bars in Yarraville. (But I will do a blog about it another time)
Sun Theatre, Yarraville – 8 Ballarat Street, Yarraville 3013 Victoria, Australia   Tel 03 9362 0999 Fax 03 9362 0337

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