Still in lockdown.

Hey everyone,

As I live in Melbourne we are now coming to the end of stage 4 lockdown. (17days to go) I have been working from home since mid march so I am running out of things to do in my spare time.

I even did some gardening with my husband, (I must be really bored) I hate gardening but it did feel satisfying seeing our front yard coming together (Finally). We even installed a little bridge and a pond. My Nephew Bandit (yes he’s a dog) was testing out the bridge.

I have been going through my unfinished book collection or bought and haven’t started. Wow I have heaps of books. I have also started reading “The Happiest Man on Earth ” by Eddie Jaku. Once I finish I will write a small review.

I have also been rewatchimg or starting new TV series. These are the ones I have watched so far.

▪️Hart’s of Dixie
▪️Wizard’s of wendly place
▪️All American
▪️The bold type
▪️The crown
▪️The babysitters club
▪️The Baker and the Beauty
▪️Zoeys extraordinary playlist
▪️Call the midwife
▪️The golden girls

I have also been trying to have some alone time where I sit in bed or outside on the deck and just colour in or just sit there and watch YouTube. Most of the time it’s when Melbourne Storm is playing so my husband can watch the game in peace.

I find this time gives me a recharge and keeps me calm.

This year has been very challenging for everyone but I am very grateful that I can work from home where I am safe.

What have you been upto? Please let me know i need some ideas.

Please keep safe and stay home.

Saħħa Danni

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