Vloggers I’m watching

Hi guys,
I thought I would have a break from the USA trip blogs ( I know I have been slack) and let you know on the vloggers I have been enjoying.
I have been watching Bubz for a few years now, I first came across her when I wanted to master eyeliner (still having trouble with it) https://www.youtube.com/user/Bubzvlogz
Lindy, Tim,Isaac and Ayla
They are such a cute family. I feel like I know them and I love watching the vlogs as I feel like I’m catching up with friends. Lindy (Bubz) lives in Northern Ireland and I love seeing all the beautiful places they visit.
Bubz and her followers have helped build three schools in Ghana by buying T-shirts that bubz had designed. She has also recently published a book “A Beautiful Mind, A Beautiful Life: The Bubz Guide To Being Unstoppable”.( I’m waiting for it to come to OZ).
April, Justin, Liam and Jacob
Another Family I love to watch are AprilJustin TV https://www.youtube.com/user/AprilJustinTV
They are located in the bay area of America ( Near San Fran). I also love seeing the places they go and the extended family also getting involved with the Vlogs.

Zoella has really fun vlogs, her Boyfriend Alfi and her have a great bunch of friends and are always doing something fun. Zoey is a nut about Christmas (like me), I love watching her vlogmas posts. I wish I could have a Christmas tree in every room of my house.
For my cooking fix I love to watch Dzung on her channel “Honey Suckle Catering”
The easy to follow instructions and variety of recipes are great. I have attempted a few of the recipes from these videos.
Do any of you watch any of the above Vloggers ? And if you have any suggestion on some more I should be watching let me know in the comments.

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