Minimergency Kit

Hey everyone,

I’m in America at the moment and I am so sorry I have been so slack.

One of my recent purchase that has come in handy on this trip is my Minimergency Kit from Seed.

This pack contains:
Deodorant towelette
Stain remove
Clear elastics
Bobby pins
Lip gloss
Face tissue
Nail polished remover pad
Earring backs
Hair spray
Dental floss
Mending kit
Emery board
Doublesided tape
Breath drops
Safety pins
Adhesive bandage
Clear nail polished.

I am travelling with my husband and a friend and you know how boys are they don’t think about the small stuff, so this kit is great I just pop it into my backpack or small bag and off we go.

I have had to add a few more adhesive bandages just in case but other then that it’s great. I have popped a few pics below 

Check out there website they have all different types of packs for different situations.

Saħħa guys. 

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