Small Sephora shop


I popped by Sephora last week while I was in the city to have a look what new items they had and maybe pick up a few little things for my trip.

 I picked up some sleep masks. I have tried them before and I find them really good. 

After you clean your face at night before bed just apply a small amount of the sleep mask on your face( it’s a gel mask) and it works it’s magic while you sleep. 

I thought they might be a good idea for the plane so I can still hydrate my skin but not look like a crazy serial killed with a fabric mask on. 

I also picked up 3 small perfumes in some of my favourite smells cherry blossom, vanilla and mango. These are great for travel but also for every day. They don’t take much room in your hand bag and you can always smell nice.  

I found the staff at Sephora Melbourne to be very pleasant and helpful. The lady at the counter even  gave me a few samples of a Hydration cream. 

Can’t wait to go to Sephora in the US. 

Let me know what products you love from Sephora! 

Take care 

SAĦĦA Danni. 

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