Nail biting


Sorry I have been a bit M. I. A life  has just been a little crazy.

I have always had small nails as I am a bitter. I know yuk but I have tried to cut the habit a few time with all sorts of products and I have only found a few that work.

My new found solution is to just keep them painted.

I have been painting my nails and having them look pretty so I don’t bit them.

The Renunail range of nail polishes are great as the harden the nails as will as make them look great.

I recently bought a new colour “pomegranate” I love it is a mix of red and orange. This nail polish is long lasting and durable, great to use so you don’t bit your nails.

Let me  know if you have any tips on how to stop biting your nails. 

Saħħa Danni

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