Coconut Revolution goodie pack.

For Christmas my sister bought me a Coconut Revolution goodies pack filled with beautiful things. 
I have tried some of there products before and I really love them.
I was so happy to receive these goodies.
This pack contains:
Coconut shampoo and conditioner made with cold pressed virgin coconut oil. 
Body lotion and body cream. The lotion is more diluted and runny.
Coconut oil for the kitchen.  This is great to use when cooking both sweet and savoury. 
Coconut Mahaad body lotion.  This is recommended to be used daily after showering to nourish skin.  
And my favourite product which I have used before is the coconut beauty oil.  This is great for dry skin.  I have very dry legs during winter and I apply this oil every day before putting my PJ’s on.
 As it is cold pressed I just put the jar in some hot water to melt it a little before applying.  
This goodie pack is a great gift idea for any occasion. And can be customised to suit.  
The Coconut Revolution stores are located all over Australia and you can also buy their products online at  

Saħħa guys please let me know if you have tried any of the above products.  

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