Backlot Rooftop Drive in.


Last Friday I was lucky to win a car pass to the new Backlot Rooftop drive in cinemas in docklands.

Shaun and I decided to go watch “why him”  which was showing at 11 pm. 

The cinema is located on the roof of the harbour town car park. The cinema has a great view of the beautiful CDB of Melbourne. 

The staff were vert polite and helpful.

They have 2 movie showing on different screens. Sessions start later as the sun is still up. 

I was very happy to see a small shop that sold popcorn, lollies and drinks.

It was great being in the comfort of your own car, you can chat and make comments and no one will get upset.

It was a great night out we had ball. 

I’m hoping to go back soon. 

Check out there website at for session time or to book tickets.

Sahha Danni

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