Mac Master Class


I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attended a Mac Master class which was a look and learn at Mac Pacific Werribee Plaza.

This class was on how to get the perfect couture and sculpturing using Mac products.

The Mac store is  located in Myers being there after hours was great felt like a child that has been locked in a store after hours lol.

First we got to play with some of the products while we waited for the others at arrive.  I fell in love with one of the eye shadows called “Last dance”. 

Off to a conference room for the class. The MUA (make up artist)  showed is how and what Mac products to apply and how to use them. 

I really like the way she explained everything she was doing and how to use different products I have never used. 

This was the final product.  She looks amazing. 
After the lesson was over we went to beauty counter where we were assigned a Mac consultant per group. She helped us pick out our take home goodies.  
I had to get the “Last dance” eye shadow it was just too nice not to get. Its a creamy pinkie colour with shimmer. Can’t wait to wear it.
Tan Pigment which is great for the eyes and also to do the latest drip lip look that is going around on Insta and Facebook.
Mac Prep and Prime setting spray  you use before you apply foundation to moisturise the skin and after so the makeup doesn’t move.
This is the Mac “Prep and Prime Highlighter” this is used to highlight anywhere that needs a bit of a lift. I will be using it was a highlighter for under my eyes.
We also received a Make up bag which is a great size and fits all the products that you need to have.
Hope you enjoyed my Mac Master Class Blog.
Sahha Danni

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