Pupa Makeup

Hello Everyone,

Last year when I was in Malta on holiday I fell in love with Pupa makeup.

Pupa makeup is an Italian brand.

My Aunt brought me a few tubes of my fav tinted BB Cream and  some other goodies this year when she come for my sisters wedding.

This BB Cream has a primer in it which is great for mornings as it is one less thing to worry about.
The BB cream is a tad runny but I like it that way as I can quickly apply it to my face with my fingers and them pat it in with a beauty blender. ( I love my beauty blender best thing ever).
The other goodies were an eye shadow pallet with beautiful pink tones that will be great for spring and summer. The shadow is very pigmented and easy to blend. 
The lip gloss bracket will come in handy when I go out on the town(who knows when that would be I have become an old lady).  The gloss has a shimmer finish.  
The cute little babushka doll is an emergency kit. If has eye shadows,  lip gloss and blush in there. 
And last but not least the pink compact with more shimmery lip glosses.  
I find it very hard to find Pupa makeup in Australia but in Europe it’s everywhere.  I am lucky to have family in Malta that send me packages of goodies. 

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