Sunny Side Pop Up Market.

Hello all,
Sorry I’ve been so slack.  Life has just been crazy.
My husband and I have started to attend markets selling a range of items. My husband sells Pop culture items such as POP’s and other marvel and DC items.
I have made heaps of Hamper and nappy Cakes ( No you can’t eat them they would not taste nice at all).
I have been making nappy cakes for friends and family for a few years now and I always get heaps of complements so I though why not try and sell them for some extra money (For Shoes and Makeup).
We recently attended our first ever market. I have to say it was an experience, we had to be there at 7am to set up and we had no idea what we are doing.
The market we attended was a new pop up market in West end entertainment center in Sunshine.When i was younger West end was a flee market that my family always went to as a Saturday outing but unfortunately that closed down may years ago and  the West End  Entertainment center was opened.
We spent the day chatting to some lovely people that had come down to the market to check it out and get some nice hand made products.
Shaun sold a lot of his stock which was great and I sold a few items too.
All in all it was a great day  and we have been invited to attend 3 other markets over the next few months.

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