Today is National RU OK? day.

R U OK?’s vision is a world where we’re all connected and are protected from suicide.

There mission is to get us all talking to people around us and about how they are and how they are feeling. Suicide and depression  are big problems  in our community and by talking to people about there problems can make them feel better and help them have a clearer outlook on there situation. 

Today at work we were encouraged to ask one another How are you?They also passed out helpful cards on how to start a conversation with someone you think might need your help or advice.  

My work place has been really active this year with this cause sending out many emails with helpful hints and places to call if anyone needed to chat to a help line.  
Please be aware people may look fine on the outside but you never know what is going on in there  thoughts.  
If you or anyone you know needs help visit  www.ruok.org.au 
There are numbers on the website of organisations and people that can help.  
Yummy cupcakes we had at our R U OK morning tea.  They were really yummy. 
Saħħa everyone
Hope your all OK.  

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