Natural Charcoal Pore Strips

I recently went to Dasio to pick up a few container so i can organize my spare rooms. Dasio is a Japanese store which everything is $2.80 Aus that sells anything and everything. The products range from  stationery to gardening items. I love going just for a look but i always end up coming out with a bag or two full of stuff.
In my latest haul i picked up some nautural charcoal pore strips for my nose.  The pore strips are applied like all other strips to a damp nose.
I like to do this when i get out of a nice hot shower as the pores in my face are open so it is more effective.
After putting the strip on i wait 10 to 15 min for it to dry completely, then the fun begins peeling it off.
I love seeing all the stuff that sticks to the pore strip. Sorry TMI but you all know its true.
The strip leaves your skin soft and silky.
Next time your in Dasio pick some up there only $2.80 and do a great job.
Let me known if there are any other products you would like me to try.
Sahha Danni

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