Winter has come

As i sit in my warm house with the heater on at 21° all I can think of is this time last year I was in Malta with my family, taking in all the sun and warmth.
I though I would share some of my handy tips to get through winter.
Keep Warm.
Not sure about you but I feel the cold and I have learnt to layer my clothes. So example i would  wear a thermal long sleeve top, then a black Bonds long sleeve top with a woolly jumper on top.
I would always take a jacket. My favourite at the moment is a knee length black puffy coat  from cotton on which mum bought for me. It is warm and I love the length.
I also keep a scarf and beanie in my bag.
Keep Healthy.
Keep up your water intake i know its harder in the colder months but it is very important.
Taking Vitamin c and Echinacea will help keep the nasty colds away.
Book  a holiday.
I always like to book a small getaway so I have something to look forward to. This year I am planning to run away to Queensland for a few days hoping its warmer there.
Keep skin hydrated.
Along with your water drinking using a thicker moisturiser helps keep your skin hydrated.  I find in the cooler months my skin gets really dry and cracked so I apply my body shop coco butter after my shower which makes my skin soft and hydrated.
Hope these handy hints get you through whats left of winter.
Let me know if you have any other handy hints.

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