Village feast

Hey guys,
On the 29th of June Nadur a village in Gozo, Malta celebrates it feast day which honors the Saints of St Peter and St Paul.
My mum was born and raised in Nadur and it holds a special place in my heart too as it was the place i always went to visit and holiday. I always felt at home there.
The feast in Nadur is celebrated over a week with small events such as Bingo and a fenkata (A feast of rabbit). The 29th of June over there is a national holiday. Lucky them.
Here is Melbourne I am part of the committee that organised the feast here.
The weekend after the 29th we have a dinner dance on the Saturday night where we have dinner and dance the night away and Sunday we have a Mass and procession with the statues.
Over the years people going to these evens have dropped as the younger generation is not so keen in keeping the traditions of there parents home land alive, but to me tradition is everything we should all be proud of where our family comes from.

The picture above is of the brass band playing at the dinner dance and everyone jumping around with flags and costumes. 
This is my sister Jess , my mum  and me enjoying the dinner dance. Dad was MIA i think he found one of his friends to chat with LOL
What traditions do you celebrate here in Australia from where you are from?

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