Coffee scrub

Hey guys,

Thought i would give you a small brake from the holiday blogs. I do have one on the ways but I’ll post it later this week.

Today i thought i would let you know about a product i have been testing.

The product is a coffee scrub made by coffee organics.

This product was one of the items in my monthly bellaboxs from a while ago. A few weeks ago i decided it was a great time to try it out as my skin was getting quite dry with the cold weather we have been having.

I ran myself a nice warm bath and hoped in, i grabbed a hand full of the coffee scrub and compressed it into my hand.
My leg were wet so i rested my legs on the side of the bath and scrubbed the coffee mix into my poor dry legs.

I have to say it is quite messy but after leaving the scrub on my legs for about 10 min while i relaxed the the bath and watched “The Mindy Project” on my ipad on Presto the results was great my legs we soft and smooth. The scrub contains recycled organic coffee, Virgin coconut oil, sea salt and peppermint oil which are all organic.

I have used the mix again today but in the shower, my skin still feels soft and hydrated but i didnt leave the scrub on for 10 minutes.

This product has helped me with my dry skin. 

Let me know if you have any tips for dry skin.

Thats all for tonight.

Sahha Danni

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