Philip Island

Philip island is know for its lovely beaches and its penguins parade.

My sister and her husband organise a weekend away in Philip island for the whole family.

They had booked an Air Bnb that could hold up to 10 people, which was clean and had heaps of everyday comforts that you may not think would be available at this type of accommodation. It had a lovely alfresco area which had a large BBQ which was clean and also an outdoor setting where you could have a nice dinner and a few drinks.

I had organise to go see the penguin parade on the Saturday Night. It was quite cold so always take some extra layers and a blanket or 2.

At the discovery centre they had an indoor education section which has heaps of information regarding our little friends. They also have a large gift store and a somewhere to get a warm drink once you have seen the parade.

The Parade its self is amazing you see them running up from the water and hiding in the shadows so there predators don’t see them and running up the hill to there little homes.

My Auntie and Uncle really enjoyed it and so did my parents that have been in Australia for 33 years and had never been.

On Sunday we visited the Philip Island Chocolate Factory.

It was not as big as the one in Yarra Valley but the chocolate was ok.
They also sold sugar free chocolate.

We also went down to the beach it was so nice.

On the way home we stopped at San Remo as there was a little market with home made items and fishing stuff.
All in all it was a great weekend and an adventure.
Sahha Danni

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