Over the last 3 months I have had my auntie and uncle here from Malta. We have been doing heaps of small weekend trips to different places in Victoria, i thought it would be nice to share them with you.
The first trip we took was to Yarra Valley and Healesville.
The first stop on our way to the hotel was Yarra Valley Chocolatier and ice creamery.
As it was Easter Saturday the place was packed with families. The Yarra Valley Chocolatier and ice creamery have an Egg Hunt for all the children under 12. ( I wanted to do it but I’m too old. But face it I could pass as a 12 year old they are all taller then me).
It was great fun watching all the kids trying to find the lucky buckets that had a golden egg prize.
After watching the hunt we grabbed some of there wonderful chocolates and a hot beverage or two and went on our merry way.
The lady at the counter told us about a Gin distillery that was not far and we should go check out. So off we went.
The Gin Distillery was called 4 Pillars it was located 2A Lilydale Road Healesville VIC 3777

 I’m not a gin drinker and especially at 10 am but we bought come olives and gherkins that had been pickled in the gin and lots of different spices.
I have to say they were so yummy I had quite a few. My Husband and Sister love Gin and had a paddle of different Gins and mixers. I did steal a sip or two but I wasn’t a fan but both really like the flavour.
Then it was time to get going to Healesville Sanctuary. .
Healesville Sanctuary is located at Badger Creek Road, Healesville, Vic. 3777. This Zoo is know for it Birds of Pray show and hand on encounteres with animals.
We bought my Anutie and Uncle an encounted with some Dingos and my Auntie is scared of reptiles.
They had a great time in the enclosure with then. They had never seen let alone touched a Dingo before.
After walking around for a few hours and having lunch we headed off to our Hotel.
The Hotel we stayed at was called the Black Spur Inn which is located  436 Maroondah HIghway, 3778 Narbethong, which is 30 min away from Healesville.

The inn was really lovely we have a double bed, a single and a double sofa bed in our room.
We shared with my sister and Husband. My Parents and Auntie and Uncle slept in another room that has 2 double beds.

The Inn has it’s own Little restaurant and also a nice bar which we spent the night playing pool and darts.

I think I have blabbed on for way too long today, so I will end it here.

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