Sisters Hen’s Night.

Hello Everyone,

We attended my sisters Hen’s night 2 weeks ago.

It was great!!!!!! So much food and dancing.

We all meet up at a place on Lygon street called Milk the cow.

I felt like I was in heaven. Wine and Cheese everywhere.

We had a cheese board with four different cheese from soft to hard. We also had matching wine to go with the chesse, they matched so beautifully.

We were located  in the private  area upstairs which was great as we could do some hens night stuff and be a bit cheeky. 
We had our own bar tender who was great and very happily put up with our craziness.

Brenon (our bar tender) explained the different  cheese and wines where they were from.  Eating some on the cheese and taking a sip of wine at the same time you experience why they were paired together. 

It was amazing. I am planning to go back soon. (Not with my husband he’s lactose intolerant) pretty sure he wouldnt enjoy it. Lol
After filling up on cheese and wine we caught a tram down to Elizabeth street where we walked up some very high stairs to thw Sahara restaurant.  
Sahara is a Moroccan and Northern African infused restaurant. We enjoyed a 3 course share menu.

Our Banquet menu was as follows;
First Course

Mixed Dips (vegetarian, Gf option also available)

 (Toasted Turkish bread served with three homemade vegetarian dips)

Second Course

Asilah Spiced Calamari (Gf option available with chickpea flour)(Calamari seasoned and tossed in Moroccan flour served with aioli and salad)

 Saharas Falafel (Gf) i found these to be a pit dry and didnt enjoy it.
 (Crispy fried chickpeas and herb mixed spiced balls, served w Tahini and salad)

Cauliflower Fritters this was one of my favorite dishes. (Crispy cauliflower tossed with pinenuts, raisins, lemon zest and parsley)

Third Course all the tagine’s were delicious. I really liked the vegetarian one.

Chicken Tagine (Gf)
(Maryland fillets cooked with preserved lemon, red capsicum, Moroccan spices, green olives and thyme, garnished with toasted nuts and pomegranate)

Vegetarian Tagine (Gf) (Vegan option available)
(Slow cooked zucchini, eggplant, capsicum, carrots, beans and mushrooms in a spicy braise, served with Greek yogurt and garnished with toasted nuts and pomegranate)

 Lamb  Tagine (Gf)
 (Paprika, cumin, ginger and garlic braised lamb cooked with tomatoes, prunes, apricots and  green olives, served with Greek yogurt and garnished with toasted nuts and pomegranate)

Moroccan cous cous
(Steamed with dried fruits, herbs, lemon and toasted nuts)

Iranian Chalao Plain Rice
The only thing this menu was missing was dessert. But after eating all the food above i was so full. 
We walked up some more stairs to the roof top bar were we could see the beautiful night sky of melbourne were we enjoyed some more drinks and a bit of a chat. And rested before heading to our final place for the night, Club Retro. 
Thank goodness it was only 2 blocks away as we where all a bit too full to walk. 
Standing in line at Retro brought back great memories from my younger days where i used to go out on a Saturday day night not curl up on the couch and watch presto.      

We also took my mother and aunt to the club they thought it was so funny that the guy at the door asked them for ID. 
After all our ID’s were scanned we went up stairs to dance off some of that food we just ate.  
The music at Club Retro ranges from the  70’s to the 90’s do something for everyone. 
They have had some renovations since i had been last time they have opened up a new bar and the DJ has moved. 
There were heaps of other Hen’s partying in there and my Sister danced with most of them.
It was a great night out we all had a ball even the older people. 

Sorry this post is way to long but i hope you enjoyed it.  
If you have any suggestions on any great restaurants or places to go please let me know in the comment box below.  
Sahha Danni. 

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