Getting to Gozo

Hello all,

After arriving in Malta we were meet with a warm welcome from most of our family.

We had an hour drive to the ferry which is on the other side of the island.
A half an hour ferry ride and  we had finally arrived in Gozo.

First stop is always Nanna’s (grandma) house. She was waiting for us in the lounge room with a bag with knitted jumpers that she had made.

View of the passing ferry.
Gozo is 1 of the 5 islands of malta and 1 of the 3 that people live on. 
Gozo is known  for its many beautiful church, fruitful land and hand made crafts.
Most of my family live on Gozo so it has always felt like home to me. I have 9 aunties and uncles and 21 cousins so we were never alone and always had something fun to do. 
One of the nights we went to a wine festival  in a winery in Nadur right near the beach. Jess  (my sister) and i had a ball.

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