Getting to Europe

Hello all,
So I though I would start from the very beginning of my trip.

So i was traveling  to Europe with my parents and my sister, i left my husband here as he couldn’t get time off from work. It was an event full start to the trip as we got caught up at customs as the line was long and we nearly missed our flight.

On our first leg of the trip we went from melbourne  to Dubai which was a 14 hour flight. I made sure i got up really early that morning so in was really tired by the time we were in the plane. I watched a few movies but mostly slept. Time went by really fast.

Once we arrived in Dubai we changed into some summer clothes as we were so rugged but as melbourne was freezing  when we left. Then we did some duty free shopping ( mostly alcohol 4 big bottles ).


                                                                                                               My sister and I in Dubai with King Bob.   


       Back on the plane for another 7 hours we finally arrived  to my beloved Island of Malta. 

Sahha friends i hope i didnt put you all to bed.

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