South Melbourne Market

Hi Guys,
So i have recently  discovered that I work really close to South Melbourne market. 
So one lunch time a few friends and I drove down to have a look.
The market is full on fresh produce and hand made stuff. It is a great place to find niesh items which make great gifts.
My personal favorite area is the deli section as you might know i am a BIG lover of cheese. I could eat it all day everyday lol.
The  variety of cheese and deli goods to amazing.
We wondered through the produce section where i picked up so bargains like 2 mango’s for $5.
They also have the South Melbourne Sweet  shop it is a kids heaven. They have all types of lollies,chocolate and even  imported  soft drinks.

There is also a great pizza place they have a great pizza ( It reminds me of Europe). The pieces are large and they are really cheap. 

Over summer they also had a night  market on Thursday nights, it starts at 5:30 and finishes at about 11.
A friend and I went a few weeks ago we had a ball.We wondered around the little stalls ad checked out all the small specialty items. I couldn’t resit I bought a few cute thing that included different types of soap, some rubber wedges and some cronuts ( AMAZING)

There were heaps of people walking around and enjoying all the different food vans. We opted to eat at the Simply Spanish which is located at 116 Cecil Street South Melbourne

Unfortunately the night market has finished for this year but you can always on on normal market days and enjoy all the fresh food that South Melbourne Market has to offer.


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