Lupe fiasco,B.O.B and Nelly

Hi all,

So i just got  home from the Lupe fiasco, B.O.B and Nelly concert  and just had to share it with you all.

I bought the tickets for this concert for my husband for his birthday which was last week so he didnt have too long to wait to enjoy them.

The gates opened at 6:00 but we got there about 7 as we went and had dinner at La Camera which is located in southbank but i will do a review on that tomorrow.

The concert was held at the Sidney  Myer music bowls. I have never been there for a concert before but i liked it, our seats were in row R so not that far from the stage.

So before the main acts came on there was a group called “HAZ” which i didnt mind they were up there for about half an hour they rapped and danced around to rev up the crowd.

When Lupe came on he told us all to come to the front, so off we went and stood about 3 meters way. I have to say he was awsome he sang all his hit and everyone was having a ball. He even came out and stood in the crowd and sang.

B.O.B was on next he also rocked the crowd and came out and walked right past me so close i could have touched him. He also sang his hits and also a new song.

Nelly came on about 9:30 he was amazing ,he made me feel like i was 16 again with all his old hits of my younger years. Shaun and i danced and sang to all the songs. I enjoyed every minute.


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