Crazy Weather

Hi Guys,

Happy December Summer is Here!!!

Well Not really ūüė¶ Melbourne weather has been really up and down at the moment and due to this I have found that a lot of people have become sick.

This week I went to work with a splitting headache and a really sore throat. But we solider on.

Here are some handy hints on how to beat a cold.

Have heaps Of vitamin C. Oranges are a great source of this.

Hot tea with Lemon and honey ( Manuka Honey is the best ) it helps with a sore throat. 

Garlic will not only keep the vampires away but is a potent antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal agent that can help treat symptoms of cold and flu. By eatting  cloves of garlic when you are not feeling well or taking garlic tables you can reduce the duration of the cold.

Gargling hot water and salt is also a affective way to reduce a sore throat.

Apple cider vinger, lemon, honey and hot water is apparently  the best sore throat remedy. (I will be testing this out tonight)

Keeping warm is also very important i always wear layers as it is easy to take somthing off when you are hot. When you are cold you need to find something  to put on. I wear so many layers i always get asked  if i have lost weigh in summer as i have less layers on.

Hope these handy hint help.

Im not a doctor so always go to the doctor or go see your local pharmacist.


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