Part time jobs

Hi all

Today I thought I would blog about part time jobs.
I have had a part time job for 13 years now since I was 15 at a local supermarket.
There are always pros and cons in having a part time job.
Being a teenager and earning money ment I could buy my own car at a young age by the time I was 16 I bought my first car( nothing flashy but something reliable).
Working encourages team building and opens up new friendships.
Some cons are having to wake up early on the weekends and working late on school nights. I have done it all!
Dealing with crazy and upset customers is not fun but there is always a manager or supervisor to back you up if something goes wrong!
I have made loads of friends and even though most of them have moved on we all seem to catch up.
So having a part time job might sound lame but it teaches you responsible and the value of money! (Cos it doesn’t grow on trees)
Let me know if you have a part time job.

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